Conquering the gamebook at a time!

Being a lover of gamebooks, it is my goal to beat (without cheating) and review every full system gamebook ever made! Ambitious maybe....but what the heck else do I have to do?

SPOILER ALERT! These reviews are intended as a journal for myself and for those who have already played the books, so there will be SPOILERS involved. I would also love to hear the thoughts of others on these series as well!  

I have entered the various series I have played so far below, which will link to that series page with corresponding reviews and scores as I play them. Links to all the series review pages are also located on the right hand side of the Home page. I am avoiding reading other reviews for the books until after I write my own to prevent any spoilers or for having the opinions of others influencing my own thoughts.

In addition to giving a score out of 10, I will also include placement within a tier (Great, Good, Ok, Bad), how many attempts it took me to beat the book fairly (this could vary greatly from the experience of others I've found out just due to pure luck, or lack thereof), and an ongoing ranking of the book within the series. The ranking determinations are pretty simple, how much fun did I have playing it? Most enjoyment wins! 

For an explanation of the tiers, my definitions are as follows:
Great - The Classics. The Hall of Famers. A must play for gamebook aficionados! In my opinion, do not miss these!
Good - A very enjoyable gamebook, however missing one or two things that could have made it great
Ok - Overall, a solid gamebook where the positives outweigh the negatives and a worthwhile play
Bad- A gamebook that either needs a massive overhaul or one that shouldn't have been released in the first place.

I've also added a HALL OF FAME section where I will be putting the books I feel are the absolute classics and have them grouped by year of publication.